Inda-Gro has long been known for our industry leading Induction Grow Lighting products and now we’re proud to
introduce our newest innovation for plant lighting with our Impact Series of LED Grow Lights. What makes these
lights unique to the industry is our patent pending Sine Wave Plant Lighting Technology which incorporates energy
saving Light Emitting Diodes ran along surface areas that undulate in a uniform fashion. This allows the diodes to be
installed in a greater concentration per square foot to give the diodes greater angles of orientation which benefits
plant canopy penetration and provides even intensities and a homogenous blend of the broad PAR spectrums being
delivered to the plant canopy.
Our Impact Series Grow Lights offer incredible innovations having been designed from the ground up with the
commercial grower in mind. If you’re ready to replace those high wattage/heat grow lights that require constant
relamping and actually increase the amount of light reaching your plants on a per watt, broad spectrum basis, all
while consuming less power and producing less heat we have the light for you. Standard Impact features include:
• Flowering/Vegetative with High /Low (analog/digital) settings.
• Low thermal (heat) contribution adds only 2,500 btu/hr when ran at High Flower setting.
• Sunrise and Sunset (digital) features which allow the light levels to be slowly increased and decreased.
• Passively cooled. No need for noisy fans that fail to cool our electronics.
• Designed to cover a 4’ x 5’ area (20 sq-ft) (1.86 sq-m)
• Peak Shaving (digital mode) for utility load shedding in the event of system wide brown out conditions
• Phytochrome Photoequilibrium Switch (PPS) which in the flowering mode at lights out will run a series of
730nm diodes, powered by Lithium-ion batteries to come on which instantly triggers the plants
photochemical response to begin to flower. This is an important advantage in a flowering room since
most plants are thrown into a dark room from lights on which means the plants are still photosynthetically
active for up to 2 hours before they relax and begin the flowering process. This is time wasted in your
flowering room. When plants are exposed exclusively to the 730nm spectrum they convert to a flowering
state instantly giving your plants more time to flower at lights out.
• Built in Twist Lock Receptacle for plug and play operation of optional Pontoon (UV-A/B) attachment.
• 50,000 hour rated which is over 11 years of operation at 12 hour intervals without a LAMP CHANGE!
• The Impact Series comes with our Technical Upgrade Program which allows these lights to be upgraded
at reduced costs as diode efficiencies will only continue to improve over time.
• Broad spectrums which increase both plant quality and yields on a per watt basis.
• 5 year prorated warranty.
• Proudly Made and Serviced in the USA.



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Type Luminaire: LED Sine Wave Grow Light
Model: Impact Series
Model No: 151-740
Wattage: *High Flower (740) Low Flower (380) High Veg (440) Low Veg (200)
PPF: 1750 µMol/sec @ High Flower Setting = 2.4 µMole/watt
Voltage: 100-277 v AC 60Hz
Dimensions: W 26.5 (67cm) x L 44 .5 (113 cm) x H 5.5 (16.5 cm)
Weight: 33 lbs (15kg) * All the values shown here are fixed when operated in analog mode. When the 151 Digital Programable Controller is used the