Cannabis Growing Guide

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Cannabis Growth Phase

Once a plant has left the seedling phase it will remain in the vegetative growth phase until it is ready to flower. During this phase you need to provide your plant with a longer time period and less intense light from your LED grow lights Due to the lower power requirement of LED Grow Lights you can use less watts per square foot and save money.

During the vegetative phase we recommend 16-18 hours of light per day. How long you remain in vegetative phase before going into flower will depend on many things such as how large you want them to be at the end of flower, the particular genetics you are working with, and your style of growing.

For most plants 4-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb for the vegetative phase. This time allows the roots to develop and fill out the pot. This is also when you would do your repotting into larger pots. A larger root mass in a larger pot will increase your yields. Also note, it is never a good idea to transplant to a new pot right before going into flower as the transplant will shock the plant and you always want to go into flower with a strong plant that has recovered from any transplant.

Cannabis Flowering Phase

This is often referred to as “flipping” the plants into flower. Now we switch the light cycle on our LED grow lights to the 12 hours of light per day for flowering. Once you make this change to 12 hours of darkness you need to be careful to ensure the dark period is uninterrupted with no light getting to the plants. If your plants are exposed to any light during the dark period they will become stressed and your yields will be affected.

Once you flip into the flowering phase the plants will generally grow faster for a period of time. This will happen until the plant diverts all energy to growing the flowers. The light spectrum in our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights will minimize this period by using the proper color wavelengths in specific ratios to create a hormonal response.

One part of moving to flowering is increasing the feeding and changing the nutrients to a mixture specifically designed for the flowering cycle. Select a reputable nutrient company and follow their instructions before branching out and mixing and matching different nutrients. The plants nutrient needs will increase with our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights because the light temperatures are correct and the light colors are the proper spectrum for a garden.

The flower phase can take anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks for the flowers to reach maturity and be ready for harvest. It is true that some plants will finish a few days early under Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights due to the optimized color spectrum.

If you are flowering these plants for the first time and not going from clone you will need to watch the plants as they develop flowers to determine the sex of the plant. As soon as you can determine the sex you should pull any male plants before they can pollinate the females in your garden, unless of course you are trying to breed your plants.

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