Welcome to the LEDs Magazine Horticultural Lighting Newsletter for May 1, 2017. At the recent Strategies in Light conference, we had several talks on the horticultural topic. For example, Matt Vail, co-founder and COO of vertical-farm specialist Local Roots, neatly described the opportunity. He said food is a $6 trillion industry – only considering sales to consumers and not production or distribution. And there are myriad problems with the current food production industry. Vail said that 97 percent of the produce consumed in the US is grown in California or Arizona and the average ship distance is 2000 miles. Moreover, he said population growth would require 70 percent more agricultural land by 2050 using traditional farming techniques. The answer is LED-lit vertical farms. We will have more from Strategies in Light in a feature article slated for our May/June issue.

Growers contemplating solid-state lighting (SSL) for their crops do face technical challenges. One is simply comparing metrics of the available products. Metrics such as lumens and efficacy that are valid for human lighting, are not so applicable for horticulture. But we have a recent article from Josh Gerovac of Fluence Bioengineering that describes appropriate measures of efficiency.

There has also been a lack of quality market data on the horticultural lighting sector. But our colleagues at Strategies Unlimited have begun to track the market. Indeed, they offer a Horticultural Lighting Market Analysis and Forecast. There are more links for you on recent horticultural lighting resources down below.

Our European Horticultural Lighting Conference is only a few weeks away, but you can still snag a spot. It will be held May 23 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We have an outstanding roster of speakers on the docket.

We are also planning our US fall conference that will be held Oct. 17 in Denver, CO. We are now planning the agenda. And make sure to bookmark our Horticultural Lighting Microsite that is a companion to our main website.

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